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You have the option.  If you’re there with us you can talk to the inspector and ask questions along the way.  But we understand if you’re busy or out of town, so we can email you the report shortly after we finish.  You can even talk with the inspector on the phone afterwards!  Be wary of shops, or other companies, that don’t let you meet the inspector and/or see the inspection take place!

Absolutely!  Just because a vehicle is at a dealership doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in perfect condition.  Utah is an as is state, meaning buyer beware, once the vehicle is purchased the seller is not liable for any costly repairs that may arise. Most dealers get their used vehicles from auctions, often times they don’t even know where it came from.

We are open when other shops are not, including evenings and weekends.  We are flexible and available to work around your schedule as much as possible, book online or give us a call and we’ll fit you in!

We focus on the Greater Salt Lake Area, which means a 15 mile radius from Salt Lake City center.  Don’t worry though; we’ll travel farther for a small surcharge.

We look for anything that seems off, cosmetically or mechanically.  We run tests and print the results for you to see, we place the car on jack stands so it’s easy to crawl under and look for frame damage, corrosion, or leaks (or even signs of sneaky sellers trying to cover up issues).  We come equipped with all the necessary tools to thoroughly inspect any type of vehicle, some would even say we’re too thorough!

We start at $119, which is less than 0.5% of the average price of a used car!  Be wary of those kinds of places that charge a lot less… Our inspection is more comprehensive than the average shop and we are giving an unbiased opinion, rather than trying to sell you unnecessary work!

We dive deep and look for a mix of cosmetic and mechanical issues.  Our report comes with our 106 point checklist, a CARFAX report, printouts of our test results (engine scan, battery test, charging and starter test); a custom detailed recommendations page that includes recall information, facts on that particular vehicle, and an overall rating and opinion laying out the condition of the car.

An On-Site Inspection is a pre-purchase condition report that’s completed onsite, wherever the used car sits. You can schedule an appointment online or by phone. You can even give us the number of the seller and we will handle the rest.  Once we’re on site the inspection takes about an hour.

Used car inspections are pre-purchase condition reports (just like it sounds, they tell you the condition of a used vehicle).  Buying a used car is a lot of money! Anyone who wants to protect their investment should get a used car inspection before they purchase.

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