Sharing An Unsolicited Testimonial

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September 20, 2016
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January 16, 2017
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Sharing An Unsolicited Testimonial

I have been into anything automotive all my life.  I help with and maintain the cars of my family and friends, and as my hobby I build muscle cars.

I met Sean about 7 years ago when he was recommended to me from a friend that owns and operates his own automotive repair shop. I needed Sean to help me with a situation that my friends’ shop couldn’t quite get nailed down…

on my son’s Jetta.  We took the vehicle to him and in a short period of time he nailed the issues that others hadn’t been able to do.  Shortly after that we took another one of our kid’s cars to him, this time an Audi that had a misfire that we couldn’t figure out.  He knocked that one out in no time.  But the one that sealed the deal for me was when we bought a car that appeared to have a bad turbo.  All the parts were ordered and ready to be installed, but when Sean got into it he found the issue to be wiring and nothing wrong with the turbo at all.  Most other shops would have just installed the turbo anyway, and then say that the harness needed to fix the real problem was an “up-sale” project.  Not Sean, he only performed the work that was actually necessary and saved me a ton of money, probably somewhere close to a thousand dollars.  Why am I saying all of this?  Because he is one of the most thorough and honest tech’s [mechanic] I’ve ever met and I’ve been deep into vehicles for years, he is my go to guy.

Now that Sean has his own business, On-Site Inspections, I recently had him perform a used car inspection on a vehicle I had already purchased.  This is very thorough and I wish I would have had him check out the vehicle before I purchased it.  Even though I’ve been doing this all my life, he caught things I over looked.  I’m telling ya, this guy’s awesome!  Not only would I say I recommend him, I have already several times to friends and family.  They have all been more than happy with everything he has done for them.

-Eric G.