On-Site Inspections is ready to help you buy or sell a used car!

Are you trying to sell your car? We’ll be your partner, without taking a big chunk of the profits the way car dealerships do. When your prospective buyer asks about the car’s history and current condition call On-Site Inspections and our certified mechanic will come to you. He’ll perform an inspection on the spot, providing your prospective buyer with confidence in the quality and condition of your used vehicle.

Are you buying a used car? Don’t take their word for it. Schedule an on-site inspection and get knowledge instead. We offer peace of mind on used car purchases by providing convenient and thorough information on the condition of vehicles. We give our customers the ability to make a more educated purchase decision.

May 27, 2016

Tips For Your Next Used Car Purchase

Did you know that Utah law doesn’t protect a consumer if they unknowingly purchase a defective vehicle? In fact, unless a contract explicitly states otherwise, all used car sales are as-is.  An as-is sale means that you could be stuck with the bill, even if it breaks down on your first drive home.
May 12, 2016

New Website has arrived!

Welcome to our new website! We hope it makes the information you need more accessible and helps you better understand our services.